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Terms and Conditions

  1. Company does not guarantee delivery of good s within any specific time.
  2. A party has to register their complaints/issues within 10 days of LR receipt generation. Otherwise company is not responsible further to resolve the issue.
  3. Transporting goods is at owners risk whoever sending the parcel/package/luggage.
  4. Company is responsible for any kind damages happens to goods while transportation due to
    • Weather
    • Accident
    • Local strikes
    • Political issues
    • Weight loss
    • Or any other circumstances which are not under our control
  5. Though necessary precautions are taken to carry your goods safely.
  6. Company is not responsible for any billing issues in invoice/receipt/bill of goods such price or GST applied on it. Also incorrect declaration in invoice.
  7. Once goods are delivered it is consignors responsibility to collect the goods from godown/warehouse. If not collected within in 3 days, an extra cost of Rs.250 will be charged per quintal.
  8. Authorised delivery person should carry LR receipt to collect the delivery.
  9. Company has right to put goods on public auction or sell goods at any price if goods are not collected within 15 days without any notice consignor/consignee.
  10. Company will not carry/transfer goods which are not allow to carry according to government rules/polices.
  11. No. of third party lorry services are attached to our company so in that case if any loss/damage happens during transportation, company is not responsible however, part has right to cover the damage from third-party lorry services.